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Starting a New Game

The fledgling project that I’ve been working has finally grown to a size that I can see where it’s going. It started as an idea four years ago, and has just now gained enough traction in my mind that I have to make it. The game itself is currently under development and progress on the base gameplay mechanics are almost done. As it stands I’m currently the only one working on the game, so progress may slow down as the systems grow more complex. That being said, I believe it’s time to start posting updates for this new project under the working title of “Expansion Core.”

The Main Premise:

You awaken as a recon unit; your memory being your primary directive, “reconnect to the main relay.” The task seems simple at first, but the world has changed since you were last active. Atmosphere readings show that the air has become highly irradiated. Both flora and fauna who have evolved to survive have become horribly tainted. However, the largest threat to your survival are not the wildlife, but instead the elements. A massive storm rips through the landscape in the distance, leaving behind crystal shards and corruption that enrages any creature that touches it. The true threat hides within this storm, in the eye controlling the storm and anything that comes out of it. Perhaps the answer to why you’ve been awoken lie within the satellites that still orbit earth, or maybe the answer is held by whatever’s in the center of the storm. TL;DR: This game’s about being a robot and running away from a radioactive hurricane while you’re trying to connect to the internet. (More about gameplay in the next post)


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